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Ms Sabrina Rodrigues

Associate Data Scientist
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Mathematics has always been the major force driving my life and my decisions. My passion for problem solving led me to first, complete a maths degree with a specialisation in teaching at the University of Minho in Portugal. I soon realised though, that I wanted to learn more mathematics. This desire brought me to the University of Melbourne, where I enrolled in a MSc with a thesis component in mathematical logic. After a year of studying logic, I felt that my interest for the area was dwindling so I changed again. While browsing the handbook of the university, I discovered a fascinating area that combines biology, computer science, statistics and mathematics: bioinformatics.  I enrolled in a bioinformatics course and in 2011, I completed a MSc in Maths and Statistics with a thesis component applied to bioinformatics. My interest in the field and in the academic career led me to enrol in a PhD in Statistics and here I am, months away from the end. In 2015, I decided it was time for another change. I’m now also an Associate Data Scientist at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

My message: Maths can lead you anywhere - follow your passion and your curiosity. Discover what is out there, as only good things come from change. 

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