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Dr Anthony Mays

School of Mathematics and Statistics
The University of Melbourne

Anthony Mays came to the academic life late, having earlier been a stuntman in movies and on TV, and before that he worked in a bread factory, sold pots and pans, and answered telephones at Telstra. He did his undergraduate studies at Monash: first a degree in economics and Mandarin Chinese, then a second degree in mathematics and physics. Next he moved to Melbourne University where his honours thesis was called The combinatorics of juggling (which comes in very handy for giving fun maths talks). Juggling mathematics covers lots of things like combinatorics, group theory, graph theory and probability.

After a short stint in the private sector working for an engineering consultancy firm, he returned to start a PhD in random matrix theory, which is the combination of probability theory and linear algebra. Having finished his PhD, he took up a post-doctoral position in Paris, applying random matrix theory to wireless communications. Anthony is now back in Melbourne lecturing and researching, still in random matrix theory, but now in connection with the Riemann hypothesis --- and still performing whenever possible.

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